Our Safari Seat Covers are tailor made. We use only the finest waterproofed heavy-duty cotton canvas. Superior design and construction aside, the use of natural material (cotton canvas) is our vital difference. Unlike synthetic seat covers (made of Nylon, etc.), cotton breathes and is thus exceptionally cool to sit on. With our covers there is no static, no sweat. No shine.

Only the good old classic safari look. At the same time our high-tech Teflon coatings ensure that while the air gets through, sweat, water, mad and dust will not. Owners of the top of the range 4 x 4 vehicles purchase our Safari Seat Covers for a number of reasons; on the one hand they give the vehicle interior superb “Out of Africa” Safari look which looks as good in the city as it does in the bush. On the other hand there are a host of day to day practical reasons;

Our Safari Seat Covers keep the original seats brand new underneath no matter how harsh the actual reality of your vehicle usage may have been (a major issue in terms of issuing a potential buyers perceptions in a resale situation) When they get dirty
you simply remove them and hand wash them. Suddenly the likes of wet gun dogs, potentially messy kids and the dust of Africa is no longer an issue. Major additional features are various sturdy pockets with solid brass zips and poppers that you find on our seat covers.