We once saw a picture of Cecil John Rhodes seated in a folding chair and decided to make a replica. We called it the Rhodes chair. This chair has a long history in the military. It is light in weight and has now become an integral part of domestic furnishings, inside and out. The seat and backrest are made of handstitched 100% cotton canvas, which is comfortable in all temperatures. Slip on backrest and seat available in Sand, Charcoal or Olive Green. Designed for safaris, sitting on the beach, in the home or attending sporting events, alike.
Joints secured with alan key bolts. The chairs are foldable.

MATERIAL: Made from your choice of wood African mahogany or walnut Available in 510g 100% Cotton canvas with a ruco guard coating

CANVAS COLOURS: Sand, Charcoal, Black, Natural , Or a Polycotton


DIMENSIONS: Height 810mm | Height of seat from floor 430mm | Width 520mm | Height of armrest from floor 680mm | Weight 9kg Packaging Dimensions Length 600mm | Width 500mm | Height 880mm | Weight 9kg