Kingsley Holgate is a good friend and business partner, whose trips we have helped sponsor through Africa and other parts of the world. On his first trip called Odyssey from Cape to Cairo, there was an important need for a practical, very simple bar that could fold out and hold 10 bottles and a mixture of glasses. Somehow the bar has never had any glasses, only a selection of various alcoholic drinks, Captain Morgan taking up most of the space. The original has travelled throughout Africa from North to South and East to West and around the outer rim of Africa, the journey to find the very centre point of Africa, circumnavigating the tropic of Capricorn and from Cape Town to Kathmandu. The original Odyssey bar is still faithfully doing its duty on all the trips and it was only fitting that we made replica’s available in Mahogany and Walnut. Our Odyssey is good enough to go into the field but more likely to find a place in your home as a fine piece of furniture.

WOOD: Available in African Mahogany or Walnut
DIMENSIONS: Length 51cm; Width 22cm; Height closed 37cm; Height when lid open 57cm; Width when tray open flap down 53cm