Elegance under canvas. The story of Campaign Furniture

“To unite elegance and utility, and blend the useful with the agreeable, has ever been considered a difficult, but honorable task.”
– A. Heppelwhite & Co.
The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Guide, 1787

About campaign furniture: “British officers of high social position in the Georgian and Victorian periods (1714 1901) took it for granted that when they set out on military campaign in Africa or India they could enjoy the same standards as they did at home. The only real difference between fine household furniture and its campaign counterpart was that the latter could be quickly folded up, packed away in boxes, transported and – without the use of nails, tacks, or tools – reassembled in “some corner of another foreign field that was for ever elegantly furnished England.”

Note that all our Furniture is handmade to order. Please enquire about lead times.

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